Student Advising

The student advising begins with the Student Orientation Meeting: you will be told about academic, personal and immigration services that ECI can render for you. You will be introduced to the staff who will be responsible for your advisement in different areas. You can call us any time during the day at 972-239-8555;469-872-0069; 214-651-7368 (in service 24/7). ECI supports the students in the following areas:

Academic Advising
  • Teaching that the discovery of knowledge, personal responsibility, independence, and mutual respect are essential elements of studying at ECI and in colleges and universities in the USA.
  • Assisting with formulating and completing your academic goals;
  • Planning the academic elective classes
  • Academic probation advising
  • Discussing Michigan Placement Tests results
  • Understanding plagiarism
  • Assisting and Advising if there is a conflict with the instructor
  • Assisting with university choice, as well as with the application and admission process.

Personal Advising
  • Helping with the acculturation to the new environment
  • Assisting with the accommodation: provision of homestays, locating apartments
  • Health Insurance - students are offered health insurance and are explained the importance of having medical insurance
  • Assistance in obtaining a Driver's license
  • Helping with family's issues
  • Helping with conflict among peers
  • Providing community recourses
  • Trips and activities
  • Advising the students regarding the State and Federal Laws
If you need a specific personal advice that ECI does not have resources for, the student services coordinator will direct you to professional services that will help you in solving the specific personal needs.

Immigration Advising

The PDSO and the DSOs are available on a daily basis to help you understand, interpret the immigration regulations and laws so that you can maintain your student status. The following are the important factors that you need to know about F-1 student visa status:
  1. The earliest a student can enter the United States is 30 days before the program start date.
  2. Attendance is very important to maintain the F1 status: Students must attend 85% of classes assigned in one session (1 session = 4 weeks) to keep his/her F1 status.
  3. A student has 60 days to return to his/her country after completion date of program. Any student that is expelled from the program or decides to withdraw before the completion date of the current session has 15 days to return to his/her native country.
  4. All students must report an address change while in the United States within 10 days of moving to the admission coordinator and/or PDSO or DSO (even dependents need to be reported).
  5. The student is responsible for requesting an extension on his/her I-20 before the completion date expires. Request should be made to the program coordinator and director/president.
  6. To transfer to another school, a student must
    1. Apply and be accepted to the transfer school.
    2. Inform his/her current school of the transfer no later than the last day of the current program.
    3. Inform the transfer school of the transfer date.
    4. Complete the transfer process no later than 15 days after first day of class at the transfer school.
  7. F-2 dependents cannot enroll in a full-time program except for avocational or recreational purposes. F-2 children may enroll in elementary or secondary schools full-time.
  8. An F-1 student may not work during ELP studies.
  9. ECI ELP is required to report the following to immigration:
    1. A student that is not in status or has not reported to the school
    2. A student's change of name
    3. A student that has finished the program early
    4. Disciplinary action against a student for crime
    5. Any notice that immigration (SEVIS) requests from the school
    6. The student's start date for the next session
    7. A student's current address

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