ECI Program offers comprehensive academic curriculum and exceptional student services, ensuring that the students receive the best education as well as a fun cultural experience.

ECI is accredited by the Commission on English Program Accreditation (CEA). It is a member of English USA Association.

ECI Program is recognized by several universities thus students who complete ECI Program (at the highest advanced level: ESL 304) will have the opportunity to enroll in their undergraduate or graduate studies without taking the IELTS/TOEFL exam at the following universities: University of Dallas in Irving, Texas, Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas; The University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, Texas; LeTourneau University in Longview and Dallas, Texas; Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas; and St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas; Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana; Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas; American National University in Rourke, Virginia; ECI works with many other universities to help student transition from  language studies into university studies.


ECI English Language Program exists to serve international students by preparing them to use the English Language in order to meet the academic, social, and cultural challenges of life in American higher education.


ECI English Language Program seeks to equip students with the necessary skills to acclimate and be successful in all aspects of academic life in American education. ECI English Language Program aims to maintain a high quality preparatory school for international students entering into academic life in the United States.

ECI English Language Program seeks to provide all faculties and staff an environment that is cooperative, comfortable, and conducive to professional development.


The goal of ECI is to provide international students who are candidates for higher education with an intensive English language program that will prepare them to study successfully in a higher education institution without any difficulty.


The teamwork of the faculty and staff members is what operates the program successfully and holds it together.


  1. Academic Excellence
    • Students who successfully complete the program will be academically ready to college courses. To accomplish this, all of our classes concentrate on building towards college-level work. Upon completion of the Program, students will have participated in preparing and giving group and individual presentations, conducting research, and written research papers, writing and documenting composition papers, taking notes effectively, reading for comprehension and speed, and observing actual college level classes.
  2. Cultural Acclimation and Appreciation
    • Students will be able to survive socially and emotionally in the American culture of college life. The program offers opportunities for students to live with caring American host families and participate in a variety of activities in the community. Students will also learn to appreciate the diverse ways of living in the United States and the many cultures represented.
  3. Professional Faculty/Staff
    • ECI English Language program seeks out qualified instructors in the area of ESL. In order to hire qualified instructors, an intensive process is used to evaluate prospective instructors. Instructors are also required to participate in professional development workshops on a continual basis. Instructors participate in workshops, read professional material, conduct self-evaluation, analyze the Program, take part in observation reviews, and complete action research. The staff is also required to participate in professional development opportunities.

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