Campuses Location:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas

ECI English Language Program operates in two campuses: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas.

Oklahoma City

The international headquarters of ECI is located in Oklahoma City, centrally located in the United States. The city possesses a rich cultural heritage and historical background.

The state of Oklahoma was originally Indian Territory. Native American tribes from the eastern United States settled here after being displaced by American settlers. Later, Oklahoma City became a center of the cattle trade and oil industry. Talequah, Oklahoma, is the tribal capital of the Cherokee Nation. Colorful Indian festivities are still held in Oklahoma City and nearby communities, and Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, boasts the only capitol building in the United States with a working oil well on its grounds. Oklahoma City is a safe and friendly community. It has a thriving arts community, many local theaters, sporting events, festivals, concerts, and other attractions. The Cowboy Hall of Fame, a treasure of national heritage, receives many visitors to its museum of Western art and artifacts.

The National Cowboy Hall of Fame
and Western Heritage Museum

The Bricktown Canal, near downtown
Oklahoma City

The second ECI branch is located in Dallas, Texas. Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas, and the 9th largest city in the United States. The city possesses a rich cultural arts district and is home to several national athletic teams.

The state of Texas was Native American territory until it was claimed by the Spanish. Texas, along with Mexico, freed themselves from Spanish control in 1821. However, just fifteen years later, Texas also became independent of Mexico. The state of Texas was known as The Republic of Texas and was its own independent nation until 1845 when it was annexed by the United States of America.

The city of Dallas was founded by John Neely Bryan and is currently surrounded by a variety of vibrant neighborhoods. The opportunities for educational and cultural growth are numerous. Dallas is home to several outstanding colleges and universities and has many arts centers and museums.

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