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ECI always partners with educational agencies that are conducting successful and ethical promotion, recruitment, and orientation of students who are interested in pursuing their studies in the USA.

ECI respects and adheres to NAFSA: ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATORS recruitment ethics. Their guidelines along with ECI policies of recruitment are the basis of establishment of cooperation with the overseas agents or agents.

We would be pleased to work with you and if you are interested to work with us, we ask you to submit the form below. If you wish, you can print and fax the form to 972-239-4449 or e-mail to eci@ionet.net

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Name of agency:

Office mailing address::

Office telephone number:

Office email address:

Official ECI contact:

ECI contact person's email address:

  1. How long has your agency been providing education and/or travel services?
  2. Which countries do you recruit from?
  3. How many students do you send to the United States each year?
  4. How many and which Institutions do you currently represent?
  5. Please provide two different school references with contact name and email:
  6. What types of student do you work with (for example high school, bachelors, masters , PhD)?
  7. What factors do your counselors consider when helping students select a language program?
  8. How do you advertise your services?
  9. Please detail the services you provide and the charges for this services:
  10. List professional associations you / your agency are members of:
  11. Additional information about your agency:


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