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References Online: Dictionaries, Thesaurus, and Language Translators

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References Online

Language Dictionaries: FIVE STARS! Looking for Navajo, Hebrew, Latin, Norwegian, Egyptian Hieroglyphics or Arabic? Dozens of others also available. Use a basic dictionary for the selected language or a translation dictionary. You'll find languages here that you've never even heard of.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus Online  

American Slang Dictionary  

Language Translator: Paste in the word text or copied website. Then select your translation needs from the drop down menu box. English to German, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish and vice versa.

Thesaurus: Containing 35,000 synonyms and over 250,000 cross-references in an easy-to-use format.

Acronym Finder: The web's most comprehensive database of acronyms and abbreviations.

Daily Crossword Puzzles

Symbols Dictionary  Learning the search ropes is a little trickier than for a word dictionary, but you'll be able to find detailed meanings and history for thousands of symbols.

Britannica Encyclopedia 

Electric Library Choose to search newspapers, books, magazines or periodicals, Some options are free and the full service price is quite reasonable. Try out the full service free for 30 days.

The Internet Public Library: FREE access to newspapers, magazines and periodicals worldwide. Also contains the text of over 13,000 books.

National Libraries of the World from Argentina to Wales


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