Oklahoma has 39 accredited public and independent colleges and universities.
The cost of living in Oklahoma is extremely low, among the lowest in the United States.

Oklahoma is the heart of the United States and offers a genuine American experience.

Colleges and Universities Near ECI

Public Private
Oklahoma State University
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma (www.ou.edu)
Langston University (www.lunet.edu)
Oklahoma City Community College
Redlands Community College
Rose State College (www.rose.edu)
Oklahoma City University (www.okcu.edu)
St. Gregory's University (www.sgc.edu)
Oklahoma Baptist University (www.okbu.edu)
Southern Nazarene University (www.snu.edu)

College/University TOEFL and IELTS Requirements
These requirements only refer to public universities and colleges:


500 or higher, or 460 and complete an Intensive English Program 6.0 or higher, or 5.0 and complete and Intensive English Program


550 or higher, or 500 and complete an Intensive English Program 6.5 or higher, or 5.5 and complete and Intensive English Program

For information on test score requirements for private universities, visit the university's website.

Average College/University Costs in Oklahoma

Expenses Comprehensive Universities Regional Universities Two-Year Colleges Technical Brances
Tuition and Mandatory
$10,160 $6,582 $4,520 $5,400
Average Course Fee $143 $27 $37 $41
Room and Board $5,289 $2,995 $3,232 $4,410
Books and Supplies $937 $807 $990 $1,090
TOTAL $16,528 $10,411 $8,779 $10,941

    Taken from http://www.okhighered.org/student-center/publications/Guide/international-students.pdf.

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